About Me

Theresa Ommert

I bring 25+ years of corporate experience  in both Executive Assistant and Financial Analyst capacities to my role as a Virtual Assistant.


Collaboration and teamwork come naturally to me.  My core values are honesty, integrity and connection with others.   I'm committed to lifelong learning and constantly evolving my skill set to help you reach your goals.

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   I care about your business and helping you to grow it by supporting you in your daily operations and any special projects on which you're working.

You’re Covered

  I will help you focus on your passions and your WHY by taking care of necessary yet time-consuming tasks that can take attention off of your clients.  You will no longer have late nights in front of a screen sending out last minute e-mails or lying awake at night in a panic wondering if your financials are current. 

To arrange a discovery call, please complete the form below.  I would love to learn more about you, your business and your mission so that I can help you grow.


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