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Wellness Coach

eagles' wings coaching solutions

Growing in Leaps and Boundaries

boundaries coaching is for you if you:

  • Feel guilty saying "no."

  • Give generously to others but very little to yourself.

  • Regularly make commitments and then regret it.

  • Make commitments that you can't keep.

  • Are mentally and physically exhausted.

  • Feel spiritually or emotionally drained.

  • Know that God has more for you!

Stressed Woman

boundaries coaching can help you to:

say no without guilt

Saying "no" to requests

is not ungodly.  As a

matter of fact, when we

give a sincere no, we're honouring God, ourselves, and others

by acting with integrity instead of saying yes

and being resentful.

When we're empty, we can't

fill someone else's cup.  

Similarly, when we're not well, we can't help others to be well.  How many times have you skipped meals, eaten on the run, stayed up late, or neglected your needs because you're

frequently helping others 


definE YOUR

You'd like to learn

why boundaries are so

important and how you

can benefit from them.   Defining what healthy, life-giving boundaries look like can give you a sense of hope and excitement about your present and your future.  You can dare to dream and achieve your goals.


You would like to explore what it means to honour yourself and honour God and how they are connected.

prioritizE your health

Theresa ommert
life and wellness boundaries coaching

If your cup is empty, you can't pour into others.

I invite you to a life of joy overflowing.  May your cup will be so full that you splash your joy onto everyone around you!

what i do:

  • Hold space for you as you clarify your goals, needs, and the desires of your heart.

  • Ask you questions that help you discover the treasure within you.

  • Explore "possibilities thinking" with you so that you find the answers you've been seeking.

  • Help you examine your "why" and how your values and beliefs can transform your present and your future.

  • Provide tools and resources to use on your journey.

Image by Tim Goedhart
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