my Mission

Improving your wellness is my mission.

You focus on the wellness of your clients but who is focusing on your wellness?

If you struggle with overwhelm, exert too much effort on tasks that you dislike or that aren't your strength, or don't spend much time on what matters most to you, then

delegating is a form of self-care.

who i am


Theresa Ommert

Content Creator | Editor and Proofreader | Admin Professional 

I'm motivated to have a ripple effect on the world by supporting people who are passionate about serving others.  

With 25+ years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant and Contracts Manager, collaboration and teamwork come naturally to me.

My core values are honesty, integrity and meaningful connection with others.  I'm committed to lifelong learning and using my evolving skills to help you reach your goals.

I love the outdoors, curling up with a great book, kettlebells, and muay thai.


  • Medical Administrative Assistant, Durham College


Medical Administrative Assistant