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my Mission

My mission is to help women honour themselves by setting healthy boundaries so that they can show up in life with a sense of with joy and purpose.

who i am


Theresa Ommert

Life and Wellness Coach

Boundaries Coach

"Boundaries" is a term that I never encountered until I got into addiction recovery.  I had no idea what boundaries were or that I even needed them.

My lack of boundaries played a significant part in the toxic situations that I chose, fed my depression and anxiety, created unbearable stress in my life, and destroyed my health.  I gave away so much of my time and energy that there was none left for me.  I constantly felt depleted of energy and lacked the mental resources to be completely present and live my life to the fullest. 

My quality of life suffered tremendously.  There were many times I asked God why life seemed so hard for me.  Why didn't I have this joy that others appeared to have?

The common denominator was my lack of healthy boundaries.  I took on responsibilities that were not mine, thought it was my job to fix everything and everyone around me, and urgently needed to set boundaries in my life.  In doing so, I learned how to honour myself and give myself with the nurturing I desperately craved.

Joy is contagious.   Once you experience it, you'll want to help others to have it.  Think of the ripple effect it will have on those around you!


  • Canada Coach Academy - Life and Wellness Coach certification

  • Course approved by the International Coaching Federation


Life and Wellness Coach

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